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Español I

Page history last edited by Anne Gruettner 13 years ago

¡Bienvenidos a Español 1! 


I am excited that you have chosen to study Spanish this year! There are many reasons why it is important to study Spanish:


  • Economic reasons (diverse skills, better job prospects, higher salaries...)


  • Social reasons (more friends, more appreciation of different music and art forms, more comfort when visiting Spanish-speaking countries...)


  • Personal reasons (intellectual development, fulfilled goals, self-betterment...)


Now that you understand why you are here, let's learn Spanish! This class will be fun if you come to class prepared and ready to participate!


What I expect from you:


1. Respect Leyden, a la Sra. Gruettner, your classmates, and yourself.

2. Have a positive attitude and be prepared and ready to participate in class every day.

3. Call a classmate, come to period 0, or email me to get missed work.

4. Brush your hair, put on make-up, sleep, eat, drink, sell candy, listen to music, and use your cell phone anywhere else - but not in my Spanish class!


What you can expect from the class:


1. Mutual respect

2. A comfortable atmosphere conducive to learning

3. Great grades

4. Sweets!

5. More friends

6. More diverse skills

7. Better job prospects



Comments (1)

Shelia K Diaz said

at 9:57 am on Jun 23, 2010

My husband is a Spanish Teacher and I learned to speak, read and write Spanish while living in Colombia and teaching at a bilingual school. It not only has improved my ability to community it has made me a better person because I have learned how language connects to culture and it has given me a deeper understanding of myself and the world. I wish my Spanish were good enough to teach the subject, but I am happy to be able to enjoy reading, speaking and listening to a language that has unique art, and music. Another reason to study Spanish is that it improves your English. There are many similarities in the strucutres and comparing two languages somehow improves critical thinking.

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